Small, medium or large

The Airline Business delegation travelling to Routes in Copenhagen – the annual route planning forum that brings airline planners and airport marketing teams together – found an intriguing brand initiative underway at Danish low-cost carrier Maersk Air.

We were puzzled to find each seat labelled M, L or S on the headcovers, seemingly randomly scattered throughout the cabin upon boarding. When ordered correctly – S,M,L – the puzzle is solved – Small, Medium and Large, referring (as the Fly As You Like literature Maersk has adopted does tell you) to the size of the seat pitch.

When booking – online of course – you pay a little more for 32in pitch (medium), compared to the small (29in), and quite a bit more for large (35in).

It is a direct branding style, reminding us of the name Richard Branson first dreamt up for his economy section for Virgin Atlantic – riff-raff.

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