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Worldspan woes

Worldspan, the number four of the four major Global Distribution Systems or GDSs, has long had one indisputable boast: it may not be visible universally but that’s because it’s in the back office everywhere. Worldspan is the power behind many of the best-known consumer sites, and travellers and buyers are often using Worldpsan when they’re […]

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No swans

Delta’s plans to wrap Song, its discount “carrier-within-a-carrier” into mainline – “grown-up” – Delta may have led to false joy in some quarters. For nearly a decade, the airline had gone back and forth on attempts to fend off expanding low-fares East Coast competition with such attempts as the ill-fated Delta Express, and this week, […]

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Icelandic saga

The possibility of Iceland‘s FL Group making a bid for easyJet is back on the agenda after the company increased its stake in the low-cost carrier from 14% to just over 16%. “It is an indication of interest,” admits Stefan Vilner, director of marketing and sales at Scandinavian low-cost carrier Sterling. Vilner has more than a passing […]

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Final frontier, Part Two

Giving a new meaning to the concept of ‘terminal’, a Belgian mortuary firm’s latest undertaking, as it were, has brought a new niche to airport customer service. The firm, Sophia, has opened an upscale facility at the Brussels airport for coffin and casket shipments. Seems that large numbers of North African immigrants to Belgium want a […]

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Oneworld’s coup

JAL’s decision to join oneworld is a major coup for the alliance, and will see the group leapfrog SkyTeam in terms of revenue and more-or-less level pegging in terms of revenue passenger kilometres (RPKs). A quick glance at 2004 figures suggests that, with JAL included, oneworld would have been around the 650,000 million RPK mark, just shy […]

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Rank, but no file

    The union that struck Northwest Airlines last August, the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association, has changed its tune again. A week ago, it said that it would let its members vote on Northwest’s last offer, a step that was universally seen as a sign of weakness, that the union was the first to blink. […]

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Into the lists

  The US is not about to sign up to list banned airlines, with Federal Aviation Administrator Marion Blakey says that blacklists “are not the answer, as we see it it now”. She told an international safety conference near Washington that “action by government agencies to oversee airlines is the answer”. Public demand for disclosure […]

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Final frontier

       They call Denver the Mile High City because of its Rocky Mountain surroundings. It could be also called that because it’s one of the very last remaining fortress hubs. Now though the enemy is at the gates or will be soon when Southwest takes on Denver early next year. Denver had long been […]

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Open skies: Congress needs convincing

Delta Air Lines has become the latest US carrier to state its support lifting ownership levels beyond 49%.  Its managing director for the Atlantic region, Loren Neuenschwander, makes clear that the carrier is prepared to see this restriction lifted as part of an EU-US open skies deal. “If you look at Singapore International Airlines’ 49% […]

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Going boldly, or not so boldly, where airlines have gone before

Delta has been true to its word: It said it would fly where there might be profits. Now it is poised to move dramatically into international service where profits can still be made and where low-fare rivals can still be avoided. Delta claims it will be the largest carrier flying across the Atlantic by next […]

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