Monarch shows size does matter

Tall people and travelling in economy don’t mix. Even average height people and economy class on longer-haul flights can be painful.


As Airline Business will examine in its January issue, as part of our Services Special Report, an increasing number of carriers across the globe are trying to offer a suite of on board products that allow passengers to choose enhancements over and above the basic fare paid for the basic seat. More are looking to sell extra legroom seats, or even removing some of the tightest pitch seats to offer several rows with more room.

UK-based low-cost carrier Monarch Scheduled is doing just that. It has taken out a row of seats across its Airbus A320/321 and Boeing 757 fleet. An A320, for example, will feature 54 seats with 34in pitch compared to the normal 29in for standard economy. It will charge 」15 ($26) one-way for the privilege.

It is certainly a service the local basketball team – the Milton Keynes Lions – will appreciate, as several players, ranging up to 6ft 9in tall, demonstrated recently when Monarch began reconfiguring its fleet.

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