Yotel: small but perfectly formed?

iPod Nanos, micro miniskirts, the relaunch of the Mini. It would seem everything’s going small. And now airport hotels have their very own small but perfectly formed offering in the shape of Yotel – a no-frills but high-design hotel.

The people behind UK’s trendy Yo! Sushi restaurant are bringing their high design concepts to the UK’s hotel world, and have signed a contract with UK airport operator BAA. The agreement will see a 40-cabin hotel open at London Heathrow Terminal 4 and a 50-cabin hotel at Gatwick’s South Terminal in early summer 2006.

Yotel’s design accommodates small areas with not much natural light, meaning airports, underground buildings and poky inner city locations are ideal.

Designed by Priestman Goode – who also worked on the Airbus A380 interior – the 10m2 capsules feature rotating double beds, sophisticated lighting, pull-down desks, shower, in-built flat screen TV and wi-fi access.

Travellers will be able to book their rooms in four-hour blocks.


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  1. michael alofi 23 October, 2007 at 1:26 am #

    i would like to say could you please make a competition so 8 people could win a trip on a airbusA380 please please because i want to be pilot like those airbus pilots please and let the people sit in the cockpit or first class and could i be one of the people that win automaticly please

    thanks michael alofi i really want to win

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