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70 millionth passenger for Ryanair

Ryanair is moving forward after coming under fire in an undercover expose screened on UK television in mid-February. Amid the flurry of negative publicity, it is worth remembering just how big the low-cost carrier has become. Last Friday marked Ryanair’s 70 millionth passenger since it began flying from London Stansted in 1989, and it expects […]

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A Symbol of spirits past

It’s not hard to read a lot into a symbol – especially when it’s a self-declared symbol like “The Spirit of Delta”, a Boeing 767 that was paid for through a voluntary fund drive begun by employees. Back in 1982, three Delta flight attendants began the campaign to persuade others at the nation’s number-three airline […]

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Air Berlin tackles Scandinavia

Air Berlin is ramping up its Scandinavian presence with services out of Denmark’s Copenhagen Airport starting 2 May. This follows the low-cost carrier’s successful introduction of service to Helsinki in February. A glance at the Copenhagen Airports press release would lead you to believe that its low passenger charges have been instrumental in luring the low-cost […]

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Airlines and airports slug it out

Expect fireworks in Brussels on 6 April when the European Commission (EC) holds a public meeting to discuss airport pricing. Transport Commissioner Jacques Barrot has called the meeting following a discussion with Giovanni Bisignani in mid-February at which the IATA boss laid out airline concerns over what it sees as excessive charging. Airlines and airports […]

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Stansted promotes online check-in

The hour-long queue for check-in at London’s Stansted Airport could be a thing of the past, as the airport is encouraging carriers using its facilities to offer passengers online check-in. In fact, Ryanair (which has recently attracted the attention of undercover reporters investigating its service and security standards) has announced it will offer online check-in […]

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Australia misses chance to open up the Pacific

It has taken a while coming, but the Australian Government’s decision not to allow Singapore Airlines (SIA) the chance to operate services between Australia and the USA is certainly not a major step forward in freeing up air markets in this still restrictive industry. The decision is a relief for Qantas and a blow to SIA. […]

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Night of the long knives at Japan Airlines

The outside world looks on with a mixture of admiration and astonishment at Japanese corporate management practice. The admiration comes from the vision and determination of conglomerates like Honda or Toyota to innovate and expand. In the airline business, All Nippon Airways, is, under the guidance of surefooted chairman Yoji Ohashi, pursuing a sound strategy. […]

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Ryanair battered by undercover probe

The fly-on-the-wall television programmes that have followed the ups and downs of daily airport life for carriers like easyJet and Southwest Airlines have become popular viewing. The scenes are sometimes uncomfortable as passengers are refused boarding when they arrive too late for check-in or there are delays, but nothing as uncomfortable as some of the […]

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The unacceptable face of Capitol-isms

Hades, they say, hath no fury like that of…Try lawmakers, if a House aviation panel hearing, or grilling, of administration liberalisers is a gauge. All the objections were there: loosening the interpretation of limits on foreign control of US-flag carriers to nudge EC agreement on sort-of-open skies would: (a) endanger US national security by weakening […]

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Sir Freddie Laker goes off the record

David Field, the Airline Business Americas editor, writes about one of the late Sir Freddie’s later air ventures - an operation he ran between South Florida and the Caribbean islands on behalf of a gambling casino in the mid-1990s. He used DC-10 trijets for the relatively short hops. At a Washington lunch to garner (translate: purchase, […]

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