Emirates burns rubber

No, not on the runway, happily. The Dubai-based Emirates has just announced another sports sponsorship deal. Beginning with this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix, the distinctive “Fly Emirates” logo – in evidence at an increasing number of top global sporting events – will appear on the Team McLaren Formula One cars at motor races across the world, as well as on the uniform of drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya. 
This is the latest example of a stream of sponsorship contracts for the carrier which believes itself to “reflect many of the values embodied by top sporting events and teams – an ambition to be the best in the field, international appeal, and an unwavering commitment to its fans and customers”.
Soccer fans in the UK, however, are eagerly awaiting premiership side Arsenal’s move to its new venue in north London to be known as the Emirates Stadium, which is scheduled for the start of the new 2006/7 season.
This is the biggest club sponsorship agreement in English football history and is worth 」100 million ($175 million).
The agreement provides the Dubai-based international airline with naming rights to Arsenal’s new 」357 million stadium for the next 15 years.
In addition, Emirates will take over as the club’s title sponsor – including “Fly Emirates” shirt sponsorship – for eight years, starting from the 2006/07 season.


Other events with which Emirates has strong links include the 2006 FIFA World Cup to be held in Germany and the Melbourne Gold Cup horse race, as well as the Dubai World Cup horse race and the Dubai Desert Classic golf tournament.

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