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Ding! You-all are blogged!! Southwest links up

Get dinged daily! Southwest Airlines launched an employee-created “Nuts About Southwest” blog. Its purpose: “Nuts about Southwest is all about our Employees, Customers, airplanes, and airports. We really are Nuts about Southwest and we hope that our Readers will share that passion by posting their own comments”. This is the first air carrier-backed blog we […]

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Foreign affairs, postponed?

Faced with growing congressional opposition, the Transportation Department (DoT) might delay adoption of its crucial proposed final rule on foreign ownership of and investment in US airlines. Under Secretary of Transportation Jeff Shane says “DOT is exploring whether a further period of review might be justified.” Shane told an aviation law conference in The Hague, […]

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Emirates in a sombre mood

Finding the word sombre in an Emirates press release is a rarity. A carrier that has just set new group and airline profit records, boosted its dividends to new highs and seen revenue growth of 27% would seem to have little to worry about. But sky high fuel prices affect even the most stalwart carriers. […]

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Airline executive pay: giving up bonuses

Founder David Neeleman and the two other top executives at JetBlue Airways voluntarily gave up their bonuses of $75,000 each for 2005 – a record setting bad year for the six-year-old discount carrier, which posted its first quarterly loss, fall to the lower rungs of industry in terms of on-time performance, and said it did […]

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Return to profitability – from an unexpected quarter

‘Right sizing’. ‘Path to rebound’. ‘Return to profitability’. That’s the kind of phrase heard when another big airline starts the twists and turns that all too often end up in the steps of bankruptcy court as it parks planes, slashes routes and trims wages. It’s all part of the same sad legacy of woes that […]

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Mom, pop, little guys, and the $686 million man

In the eternal battle between the big guy and just plain folks, the little guys should win more often, considering how many allies he has out there fighting for him. Take for instance the Washington brouhaha brewing between business aviation and the airlines over new user fees to keep the FAA afloat. Business aviation is […]

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Waving the flag at South African Airways

Employees of South African Airways (SAA) celebrated their carrier’s admission into the Star Alliance fold with an exuberance that is rarely, if ever, seen at aviation events.The official ceremony took place in a hangar at Johannesburg airport earlier this month. The place was packed with the great and the good from the alliance and its […]

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Scared straight

Pickets, with a large stuffed rat, international support, a $10-million bank account: the Delta pilots union had a full armada when it warned its members, telling them to clean out their lockers at work, and certainly scaring the public, who booked away from Delta, and scared the media, who ran banner headlines with the largest-size […]

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Swiss cheese for brains, or, holes in whose heads?

The old saying is that you’d have to have at least one hole in the head to invest in airlines, but as smart US institutions are snapping up airline securities, someone has a lot of holes or a whole better idea. Take for instance Fidelity, a Boston-based money manager that has the largest US group […]

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Flight crew fails to answer the call

You know how you are reminded to turn your mobile phone off before take-off? Well it appears that the one person on a recent Thomsonfly service from the UK’s Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport who failed to follow those instructions was the pilot. Passengers on the aircraft, which should have been heading for Tenerife, were […]

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