Ding! You-all are blogged!! Southwest links up

Get dinged daily! Southwest Airlines launched an employee-created “Nuts About Southwest” blog. Its purpose: “Nuts about Southwest is all about our Employees, Customers, airplanes, and airports. We really are Nuts about Southwest and we hope that our Readers will share that passion by posting their own comments”.

This is the first air carrier-backed blog we know of even though Boeing executives have been blogging for well over a year. In this entrant, Southwest employees will write about their jobs and the travel industry, but invite comments from readers and customers (both with an upper case letter in the Southwest lexicon).

The blog links to the Southwest reservations page and browsers can link to read about Southwest’s position in the hot dispute over air service from its home airport, Dallas Love Field, about which Southwest launched a separate site, ‘Set Love Free.’ Southwest decided about two years ago to be part of a cable television reality show that follows its employees as they deal with angry passengers and other problems. That show only helped boost the public perception of Southwest as a good airline with good people, and even though any blog is risky, Southwest is hopeful that this new way to connect to people, inherently risky though it may be, will help do the same. Corporate image consultants Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, authors of ‘Creating Customer Evangelists’, say that “Southwest could really push the standards of corporate freedom” if they do the blog right. Of course if it ends up with they-lost-my-bag posts, well…

If you want say something nice, something witty, or just want to roam the realm of Nuts, click here.

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