bmi’s business briefing

You might not automatically think of bmi as a logical partner for the UK’s well-known Economist publishing house, but for chief executive Nigel Turner it makes perfect sense.
Several members of the Airline Business editorial team received a copy of The Economist Business Miscellany - a collaboration beween the carrier and the Economist – this week. The reason why bmi got involved in the heady world of publishing, according to Turner, is that the bmi marketing team spotted “the great synergies between our new brands”, which they identified as being “smart, self-aware and a strong British brand that is recognised internationally”.
Turner adds that bmi is using the collaboration as a means of  marking the “introduction of new enhancements to our services for business travellers”.
And what better way of passing the time in flight once your BlackBerry is turned off and you have flicked through the in-flight magazine than dipping into your copy of the Business Miscellany. Between its covers you will find such gems as a list of America’s biggest bankruptcies; famous burst bubbles; the lies people put on their CVs and some good advice on business etiquette around the world.
This is guaranteed to appeal to the trainspotter, or as Turner puts it, “registration spotter”, in us all.


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  1. Minnie Van Ryder 31 May, 2010 at 4:56 pm #

    In the beginning just remember it was darked and then someone smiled! try this:

    Every solution breeds new problems. :)

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