Farnborough Blog 1: early birds

The slightly unreal aviation world of the global airshow is upon us once again, with the Farnborough Airshow beginning on Monday 17th July. The UK town plays host to this show every two years.

This year, it is Airbus and all its woes that will be taking centre stage. Boeing, having felt exactly the same in the past, is not gloating too much (yet) over the troubles of its arch rival.

What will be fascinating to see is just how Airbus reacts in the coming week to what is one of the most testing periods of the European manufacturer’s life. It will also be interesting to hear more about what it’s customers have to say.

One of the most visible Airbus images already being prepared at the show ground are large “Xs”, several metres high, that appear on the company’s many posters. The X stands for Xtra, which is how Airbus will be positioning its widebody offering to confront Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner. This is presumably for extra cabin width.

More to follow on Monday after new Airbus chief executive Christian Streiff tells the world what the A350, or perhaps A370, will be.

Follow the news at Farnborough via Flight Daily News and via Flight TV. You know it makes sense.

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