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Bread, milk and a flight to Europe

UK consumers will now be able to buy flights when they do their weekly shop. From September, supermarket Lidl will use its 390 UK supermarkets to sell vouchers for Air Berlin flights. In a UK first, the German low-cost carrier has joined forces with its compatriot Lidl to sell vouchers that can be exchanged for […]

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“I’m on the plane”

Those who see flying as the last oasis of peace in a world full of people shouting into their mobile phones, look away now. The day is finally dawning that passengers can legally use their mobile phones in flight. From early 2007, Air France, bmi and TAP will all be trialling technology which will enable […]

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Two words: Snakes, Planes (SoaP)

Airplane. Snakes. That’s enough to pack American movie houses (‘cinemas’) for a new hit film that’s raking in big bucks and bad reviews. Word (‘buzz’) in Hollywood is that Samuel L. Jackson, a truly guaranteed box-office draw, agreed to the film when he heard the title – and threatened to leave the project when its […]

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You’re complaining?

Kvetch, kvetch: That wonderful Yiddish word hardly requires translation, so fully does its mere sound convey its meaning: the ungrateful, unending complaint. There’s always something, as they say in New York. And in Tel Aviv. Though it leaves one wondering how the Israeli government, its agenda filled with a postwar inquiry, political turmoil, a troubled economy, […]

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The sky’s the limit for ways to go Green

Despite aviation’s role as villain of the piece on the global environmental stage, it seems there have never been more ways for concerned travellers to offset the carbon dioxide emissions from their air travel. Two of the latest schemes on the scene come from such diverse sources as a global online travel agency and a […]

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Pilot error?

The recent fatal crash of a Bombardier CRJ100 in Kentucky has highlighted once again the need for pilots, airlines and safety authorities to focus on runway and airport situational awareness.  The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has just started probing the fatal 27 August crash of a Comair CRJ in Lexington, Kentucky but the investigation […]

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Happy birthday to the frequent flyer programme

Happy birthday to the frequent flyer programme, which turns 25 this year. Programmes have changed a lot since Western Airlines first launched its “Travel Pass”, which awarded $50 in travel certificates to passengers who flew five trips. And this change is not all for the good, according to research commissioned by Etihad Airways. Almost a […]

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Cutting the Connexion

Boeing’s recent announcement that it has decided to shut down its Connexion unit, which offers internet access in-flight via passenger laptops, has, not surprisingly, been less than enthusiastically received by its airline customers.The manufacturer has said it was disappointed with the level of demand for the product and intends to “work with customers on an […]

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Roaring tigers

Asia has long been considered the last large untapped market for low-cost carriers but you can no longer consider the market untapped given the rapid expansion of several budget carriers in the region plus the emergence of several new start-ups, writes Brendan Sobie. Asia’s largest low-cost carrier, AirAsia, says it has already carried over 20 […]

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Flying with an eye patch

They call it the flaw that distinguishes, and the marketing types point to the fine old men’s shirt maker, Hathaway, as the textbook example. The company promoted its brand with a male model who wore an eye patch, and the eye patch became the Hathaway logo. Now JetBlue, that cleverest of airline marketers, is doing […]

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