In the looking glass: Bottoms up

Delta’s drive, or flight, to hip-dom involves nice touches like Richard Tyler uniforms and upscale food and drink such as a mixed drink called the mojito. Delta chief Jerry Grinstein admits that he’s not sure exactly what goes into a mojito, but says it’s a cool drink.

Not to be outdone, United has linked up with Trader Vic’s, the restaurant that pioneered pastel drinks with little parasols, to offer onboard mao-tai’s and other Polynesian specialties.

We don’t know if United chief Glenn Tilton has the keys to the secret recipe. But the drinks duel raises an interesting question: if airlines served drinks reflecting their CEO’s palate, what would be on the menu? Suggestions, from orange juice for Southwest’s straight-laced Gary Kelly to a tall beer for Continental’s towering Larry Kellner, or even hemlock for your least-favourite strategist, are welcome.

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