Munich Airport brews up for the Oktoberfest

There are fewer greater joys in a Bavarian’s life than drinking beer: Lots of it. And perhaps most remarkably, for many observers, at lunchtime after a mornings work and before a full afternoon’s toil.




So it is with pleasure that we comment on the southern German tradition of beer drinking after a prompt from Munich Airport. It is gearing up for tomorrow’s launch of the 2006 Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival.

The airport runs Airbraeu (see above), what it claims to be the world’s only airport microbrewery and authentic Bavarian biergarten in the world. Airbraeu has brewed up 36,000 litres of fresh beer to thirsty Oktoberfest visitors so they can begin quaffing as soon as they step off the plane. This includes a batch of its own creation – Jet A1. If anybody gets a taste of this brew please tell us what it is like.

The airport has also outlined its top 10 – unofficial – survival tips for the festival. My favourite suggests dressing in traditional Bavarian garb to make the experience all the more memorable. So don’t forget the lederhosen (for men) or dirndl (for women) if travelling to Munich.

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