Caribbean Airlines blog 2: mottos and retail therapy

Caribbean Airlines chief exec Peter Davies is drawing inspiration for himself and his staff in the run up to launching the new carrier in the New Year from an old British railway company motto: “The passenger is our business, not an interruption to our service”, was used by a rail provider in 1930s, explains Davies.
The transfer from British West Indies Airways to Caribbean Airlines is going well, says Davies, but the deal has not gone without facing plenty of stick in the Caribbean. According to Davies, about 30% of the people applying to work for Caribbean Airlines are ex-BWIA staff, with the rest being new. “That’s encouraging,” says Davies.
As the queues form to work for this new Trinidad-based carrier, Davies is turning to another old-fashioned technique to help ticket sales: open a shop. With internet booking levels low in the Caribbean, Davies is planning to open up to six internet cafes in Trinidad & Tobago to encourage travellers to come and book their flights online. “We want to hit the market very hard,” he says.

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