Easyjet adds more frills

EasyJet is moving further away from the pure no-frills model with an initiative to enable passengers to pay an extra fee for early boarding.
Dubbed the “Speedy boarding” initiative, the first 20 passengers making an online booking are given the option of paying between 」2.50 ($4.90) and 」7.50 to board the aircraft ahead of other passengers, whatever time they arrive at check-in.
EasyJet tested the concept on several routes out of London Luton Airport earlier this year and has now announced it is extending the initiative, although it says the option is not available from all airports.
It also points out that where passengers are bussed to the aircraft, it cannot guarantee that passengers who have opted to take up the initiative will be first off the bus – conjuring up images of infuriated “Speedy Boarders” pushing old ladies out of the way in their haste to take up their rightful places in the choicest seats. “Where bussing is frequent on a particular route, this is reflected in the Speedy Boarding price you pay,” says the carrier.
The price will also vary depending on the length of the flight.
Concepts like this, as well as online check-in, which was first introduced in February, and the Early Bird transfer of passengers who arrive in time to catch an earlier departure are clearly aimed at the business traveller and it is here that easyJet sees a way to help boost profitability.
“Business travellers tend to pay more because they book later,” says Andrew Harrison, easyJet chief executive, “so we don’t need to shift the mix very much to have an impact on profitability.

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