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Seaplane services go for glory

What is it about seaplane services that are so attractive at the moment? The latest one to get going is Destination Air Shuttle, billed as Thailand’s only seaplane shuttle service. News of its appearance comes just weeks after some bright sparks conducted tests in London with a Twin Otter fitted with floats. The aircraft landed […]

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50 in 5 for AirAsia

AirAsia took delivery today of its 50th aircraft, an impressive accomplishment given the Malaysia-based low-cost carrier is only five years old. The carrier, which pioneered low fares in Southeast Asia, says with the 50th aircraft it will embark on the second chapter of its amazing story. In the second chapter, AirAsia promises to “strengthen and […]

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Einstein’s revenge, or Delta fights back unsolicited suitor US Airways

Weeks after an unsolicited suitor showed up at its door uninvited, bearing a wedding proposal and about $9 billion in hand, Delta has recovered from its shock and begun fighting back. US Airways, the suitor with the hot eye and heavy hand of cash, had gained some strong press with a well designed and very […]

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Europe sets carbon date: cautious welcome from airlines

Today, Wednesday 20th December, after much leaking, the European Commission (EC) has released its proposals to bring airlines into its Emissions Trading Scheme. It has received a cautious welcome across the airline and airport sector, with IATA, the Association of European Airlines, ACI Europe and easyJet all commenting swiftly on the proposal. As advocated by […]

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Dixon lashes out at Qantas deal critics

Qantas boss Geoff Dixon is not one to mince his words, or to avoid getting stuck into a fight, so it is no surprise to see him vigorously defending the takeover of his carrier by a privately backed group. Here is an example of the reporting on the Qantas deal from The Australian newspaper. As […]

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Fortunate few: Texas Pacific leads private deep pockets into airlines

The old saying goes, “it’s easy to make a small fortune in the airline industry. Just start with a large fortune”. But the industry is attracting some big and deep-pocketed who may have a better way to spend their money: deals to take over airlines just as the industry’s fortunes are rising. A leading player […]

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Only in China

How can a low-fare carrier operate in a country that prohibits low fares? That is the question China’s new stable of private carriers must grapple with as they try to compete against more established government-owned airlines. The parent of Spring Airlines, China’s first self-proclaimed low-cost carrier, has been fined 150,000 yuan ($19,000) for selling tickets […]

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Silverjet offers a new transatlantic temptation

The recent pain felt by travellers leaving from London’s major airports should make premium start-up carrier Silverjet‘s proposal sound particularly tempting. It is offering passengers a service whereby they can arrive at the carrier’s planned dedicated terminal at London Luton Airport just 30 minutes before departure, leave their baggage with a concierge and relax in the […]

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BMED talks up new routes to West Africa

BMED chief executive David Richardson was in Washington recently to promote his new services from London to West Africa to the US travel trade.Bookings on BMED’s on new services to Dakar, Senegal, and Freetown, Sierra Leone, from London Heathrow Airport are better than expected, according to chief executive David Richardson. Launched at the end of […]

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Burns finds new home at Abu Dhabi’s Etihad

Iain Burns, the British Airways public relations chief who resigned in early October in the wake of the still on-going UK/US probe into price-fixing, has swapped chilly Waterside for sunny Abu Dhabi. Burns, a highly experience PR operator, has been named as the head of corporate communications at Etihad Airways, the fast growing Middle East […]

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