Bisignani pleads the fifth over Alitalia’s future

“As the director general of IATA I am a bit like a catholic priest – I can’t disclose what I know,” says Giovanni Bisignani, responding to a press question at the association’s annual press briefing over what he thinks will happen to his former employer Alitalia.
Bisignani, who ran the ailing flag carrier when it wasn’t ailing in the 1990s, says he has talked to several of the airline chief executives mentioned in the media as potential suitors for Alitalia in the past few weeks. “I do not see any developing an interest in the deal,” he reveals.
Alitalia and Olympic remain the two difficult and outstanding cases in Europe when it comes to profound restructuring. And it should be hands-off as far as their respective governments are concerned when it comes to sorting these carriers out, he says. The Swiss government’s attitude of it’s now time to sink-or-swim towards the resurrection of the country’s flag carrier after its collapse is the stance to take, he says.

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