Virgin boosts beauty bank

While other fast-growing carriers are busily recruiting flight crew – in some cases poaching them from rival carriers – Virign Atlantic is advertising for 100 in-flight beauty therapists to join the 250 currently working alongside the cabin crew in the carrier’s Upper Class cabin.


Passengers enjoying the Upper Class experience with Virgin can choose between treatments such as Back in the Clouds, Hot Hands and Handsome Hands Manicure.
The treatment takes place behind a curtain at the front of the forward cabin, where there is a dedicated seat.
The only drawback – no pun intended – that I found when I experienced the service onboard an Airbus A340 on Virgin’s inaugural service to Dubai in early 2006 was that the blissed-out passenger enjoying a head massage is facing fellow travellers – and is revealed to them each time a member of the cabin crew opens the curtain en route to the galley.
Slots are negotiated with the beauty therapist on boarding, and if there are none left you are given a voucher giving you priority on your return flight. You can also choose whether or not to be woken for your treatment if asleep.
The carrier says this recruitment drive is to keep pace with expansion plans for this year, which include the introduction of services to Chicago in April, Nairobi in June and Mauritius in October, as well as an extra daily service to Washington during the summer season.
The service is available on all flights in and out of London Heathrow.

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