Randy’s retiring from Boeing

Now not all of the 39,000 plus hits on Google when you type Randy Baseler into its search box are of the Boeing variety, but I’m guessing most of them are. For Mr Baseler has been a Boeing quote fixture for years. We reporters always turn to Randy for comments on almost anything regarding Boeing aircraft programmes, and of course good old-fashioned rival bashing. Nothing nasty mind you, Randy is far too much of a gent for a fist-fight, but he’ll make his point, backed up with some tasty stats.
The news here is that Randy is retiring as Boeing’s marketing guru. His weblog spells out his reasons. It’s been a good read over the past year or two. Check it out, not least for his intriguing links, in which Elton John features heavily. As does a sombre bloke carrying a pitchfork.
Randy will be hard to replace. He’s been an ever-present through Boeing’s thick and thin. Most recently through its hard period, where Boeing had almost as many models as Airbus does now, some just as irrelevant. It also had plenty of false starts with potential models, something it is better at than Airbus.
But Randy now has a cool marketing story to tell, and goes out telling it at the top. Boeing’s product range has a coherent feel, spanning sizes and ranges in sensible steps. It also has the 787 – everyone raves about this aircraft.
So, sad to hear you’re leaving Randy. It has been a pleasure working with you. Good luck….

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