Ryanair’s blonde stunners

RyanairW200.jpgFrom the tabloid school of shameless self-promotion comes Ryanair’s latest marketing effort. To celebrate the beginning of European Summer Time, Ryanair is offering fares of £9.99 (about $20) on all destinations across Europe.

And how better to promote this offer than with a picture of scantily clad “blonde stunners” on the tarmac in front of a Boeing 737-800.

God love them. Here they are in next to nothing at London Stansted, just as snow retreats from British shores.

As the press release enthuses: “They’ve got their bikinis, their cocktails and their beach towels, and they’re all set to find the sun this summer.” Hang on, though. There’s no grasshopper or gin sling in their glasses – they’re empty.

And look closely at the aircraft and you’ll see people are actually boarding it, with no regard for the stunners. Looks like it’s business as usual for Ryanair – they wouldn’t let their phenomenal 30-minute turnaround time drop, even for this photo shoot.
You’ve got to hand it to the models though. They are certainly convincing – they almost look happy.

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