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Widgetgate busts wide open: Delta’s new design

Finally, Delta’s new widget comes out. So does Delta, emerging from bankruptcy.

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Pinnacle pains: an update on Phil Trenary

Pinnacle stands to lose 17 CRJs to Mesaba under a Northwest Airlines deadline, but is looking forward to flying new CRJ-900s for Delta and new Bombardier Q400s for Continental at Newark.

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The off button: why Continental’s Jeff Smisek doesn’t like tape recorders

Jeff Smisek, Continental’s President, speaks candidly to the Airline Distribution conference about the carrier, its plans, and the competition.

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Jet Airways aims for the top in service

Jet Airways is relaunching its brand, focusing on customer service.

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A virgin Virgin traveller speaks

A personal tale of flying with Virgin Atlantic for the first time

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AirAsia thinks globally with Formula 1

AirAsia sponsors AT&T Williams Formula 1 team

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Virgin gets a Heathrow makeover

Virgin Atlantic’s dedicated check-in area at London Heathrow is being given a huge facelift

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BA rubs out Branson from Casino Royale

BA edits Branson and Virgin Atlantic from in-flight showings of Casino Royale

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It’s easy being green. Just not cheap. Delta Air Lines joins the carbon offset set

Delta Air Lines joins the voluntary ‘carbon offset’ set with a plan to let flyers pay extra to plant a tree where it will do the most environmental good.

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Fernandes ready to launch AirAsia X

Tony Fernandes ready to reveal AirAsia X launch dates

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