Fernandes ready to launch AirAsia X

Like Freddie Laker, Richard Branson, Herb Kelleher and Michael O’Leary before him, Tony Fernandes has a sixth sense about publicity. It comes as naturally to these airline personalities as breathing.
So expect another great PR event on Monday as the AirAsia founder and boss gives firm launch details of his long-haul low-cost venture AirAsia X. We’ve written plenty on this already in our blogs and in print, but for even more insight into Tony’s plans check out this story in the UK daily press today.
In trademark fashion Tony, who always sports his trademark red AirAsia baseball cap (“it’s free publicity”, he says), is extracting maximum value out of AirAsia X’s launch. First he announces it. Then it’s delayed because he can’t get aircraft fast enough. Now he’s got the planes and it’s going to bring the promised low-fares faster than originally planned. We lap it all up.

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