Jet Airways aims for the top in service

Jet1stW200.jpgJet Airways’ charismatic founding chairman Naresh Goyal has announced his ambitions to make Jet one of the top five airlines in the world. At a press conference to announce the airline’s “relaunch”, he said it was part of the mission statement of all Jet’s staff from the ground up to be in the best five airlines by 2012 in terms of comfort, luxury and style.

And a major step in that master plan is the relaunch of the airline, with new logo, aircraft livery and uniform (pictured). The cabin is also undergoing an upgrade, and as well as economy and business-class seats, Jet will offer first class for the first time. The first-class ‘suites’ feature sliding doors to allow privacy, 23-inch flat-screen television, Bose noise-cancelling headphones, a seat for visitors, unhindered access to the aisle, in-seat power for laptops and a personal wardrobe.
In economy, Jet is installing ergonomically designed seats, which include a net to support the feet and ankles. Apparently Naresh and his wife worked with the seat developers to get the right look, even meeting up for viewings in Goyal’s garage.

All this is part of Jet’s $3.7 billion investment programme, which includes the order of 30 new long-haul aircraft.

Goyal must be hoping that Jet’s focus on service will not go unnoticed by Jet’s target market of India’s 300 million middle-class.

Pictured is Jet’s first-class cabin and an attendant in the new uniform.

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  1. Sam 22 February, 2009 at 11:30 pm #

    I disagree… the cabin looks economy, but the flight attendant looks first class.

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