Man bites dog: air rage, but not back in the cheap seats

treo-snakes-on-a-plane.jpgReaders’ reactions to incidents in the news sometimes tell more than the news itself. Take for instance, the incident in which a Northwest Airlines flight was cancelled after FAA and police at Las Vegas McCarran removed the pilot (yes the pilot, not a passenger) when flyers boarding the Detroit-bound plane overheard the captain screaming, yelling and cursing into his mobile phone while standing in the cockpit door to “greet” them. As his rant went on, the unidentified captain stepped into the forward bathroom and continued the tirade, which passengers still heard. When one passenger complained, the pilot lashed out and with another round of curses, one passenger told CNN, the all-news network. An FAA official said the police removed the pilot, after which the airline cancelled the flight and reacommodated the stranded passengers. Certainly it’s news, because we expect to read air rage stories about passengers who are cracking under the strain of air travel today, but we find it interesting that the blogosphere has actively defended the pilot. For instance, postings on the Detroit Free Press website, admittedly in a city with a large Northwest crew base, say it’s understandable after northwest pilots pay and pensions were cut, and in any case, Northwest has been and still is mean to its pilots. Another said the captain may have been talking to “scab” non-union maintenance and so was justified. Granted, the blogosphere is self-editing, but these comments tell a tale.

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