Widgetgate busts wide open: Delta’s new design

Finally, after months in bankruptcy, millions in debts wiped out, thousands of jobs and careers lost, lives upset and displaced, the important Delta story is out: the airline has redesigned its logo, the triangular Delta-shaped logo known since the dawn of the jet age as THE WIDGET.


The South, Delta’s home territory, has been abuzz with rumours of a redesign for weeks with Delta loyalists either denouncing or praising the bootlegged images on the web. This speaks volumes about the relationship Delta has long had with its neighbours, a group of people who are fiercely loyal to the carrier when outsiders criticise it – in large part because they want exclusive rights to dump all over Delta.logo1963.gifThe design was unveiled as Delta officially emerged from the bankruptcy reorganisation it entered in September, 2005. Delta people defended the neo-widgetational design, saying it takes less paint, needing four colours rather than eight and anyway it looks snappy. (We think it looks like the Adobe Acrobat guy after a pub crawl). And in any case, it’s a long cry from some of the early Delta trademarks such as the Norse god, Thor, the Roman god, Mercury, or the Southern god, Bubba.Or even from the old widget:

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