Pimp my plane, says Air New Zealand

We are always on the look out for funky, innovative or indeed terrible, examples of what airlines worldwide are getting up to on the web.

So, we have no hesitation in directing you to Air New Zealand’s promotion “Pimp my Plane“. It is a rip-off of a highly successful US TV show and has won an Australian gong for best online ad campaign.In its US version (called Pimp my ride), hard-up kids take their proud but battered vehicle to a body shop which transforms it – “pimps it” – into a work of beauty, full of chrome, comfy seats, flashy paint job and any other cool twist they can think of.

In ANZ’s version a plain old Airbus A320 can be given a whizzy paint job, some bling, gold engine cowlings etc etc.

There is also a “the boss is coming” button you can hit to hide your idle designings if you are worried about wasting time on company time.

You will find it hard to resist having a go.


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