Paris Air Show Blog 3: Airbus celebrates

Airbus was always going to pull out the PR stops for the Paris Air Show: and with over $45 billion worth of orders, commitments, purchase agreements and perhaps the odd IOU, it has not disappointed (John Leahy, below, shows off the paperwork).

As the lead story on the Flight Daily News paper produced here at the show proclaims: “$45.7 billion day!” The sales supremo from Toulouse, John Leahy, described by a senior Boeing executive as a “formidable competitor”, was beaming all day.

Airbus had an astonishing total of seven announcements during they day.

GECAS head Henry Hubschman is doing his bit to help both Airbus and Boeing with their PR efforts, ordering more A320s and more 777s yesterday. He’s likely to appear again later in the week, this time perhaps in clutches of a certain Brazilian manufacturer.

Today, Tuesday, promises more action. Got to run to go and cover it.

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