Ryanair’s new revenue stream

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary might not have pawned his grandmother yet, but there’s plenty he is prepared to sell aside from flights, including gambling, seatback advertising, in-flight catering, phone cards and the facility to use your own mobile phone on-board.
Now Ryanair will be selling advertising on overhead lockers on 62 of its aircraft, in a deal worth around 7 million euros.
Manufacturer of the caffeine-infused Red Bull will be the first to sign up with Fourth Edition, the company which developed and sells advertising space on Ryanair’s overhead lockers.

RyanairBoultonFinnBarry.jpgRed Bull will use the space to promote the London leg of the Red Bull Air Race World Series 2007 at the end of July.
The campaign will run for the month of July on all Ryanair flights out of the UK.
Sinead Finn (pictured), Ryanair’s head of sales and marketing Europe, said: “We look forward to working with Fourth Edition to welcome more companies like Red Bull on board our aircraft.”
James Boulton (pictured left) of Aviator, Kinetic’s airport division, who brokered the deal, commented: “This pioneering advertising format provides a perfect platform for brands looking to take advantage of significant dwell times on board. The launch of the format also demonstrates how the landscape of aeronautical media is changing as advertisers look beyond traditional airport media in order to engage various passenger groups.”
Fourth Edition developed a new patented framing system for the adverts. Chief executive Martin Barry (pictured right) said: ”Ryanair’s aircraft offer major exposure to an upwardly mobile and captive audience.”

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