Silver, Stones: high-flying premium package pitch

Get stoned. Yep, that’s what one airline wants you to do. Silverjet, one of the superpremum transatlantic carriers is 523px-Tongue_%2528Rolling_Stones%2529.svg.png stepping up the competition with an offer that gets you a round trip between New York and London on its 100-sleeper seat jet, plus, plus, get this, a chance to see the Rolling Stones live at the O2 Arena and for one of the final shows of the bigger bang tour. The airline’s $2,500 package include the flights and a ticket to the concert, which you can book by calling 1-800-ROCK AIR or (get this) flysilverjetcom/getstoned. Please be aware that the Flight Group does not condone bad behaviour, although some of us do condone clever advertising.
Silverjet faces a daily battle against two US-based premium flyers, Eos and MAXjet. Its Silver Lounge and private terminal at Luton silverjet_terminal.jpg is impressive, much more so than its somewhat spartan facility at Newark. Eos may have been responding to this when it unveiled a new club at its Stansted airport terminal, dubbed Club 48 after its total capacity per flight of just 48 passengers, each in a sleeper suite. And Eos uses the Emirates lounge at New York’s JFK, which is overwhelmingly impressive. But Silverjet maybe has to do a little more in its appeal to passengers: its much publicised plan to add a second daily flight between its Luton base and Newark Liberty airport are on hold until mid-September at the earliest after its new, third aircraft an into problems during a maintenance and overhaul ‘C’ check. Silverjet added a third Boeing 767, this one a -200-ER to complement its two -200s, in its campaign to add frequencies and add Chicago as a destination, but was forced to make alternative arrangements for some passengers after the delay.

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2 Responses to Silver, Stones: high-flying premium package pitch

  1. E Tyler 28 July, 2007 at 10:40 pm #

    ‘Get off of my cloud’ would make a great Silverjet theme tune.

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