Virgin Blue unveils new long-haul name…

…and the winner is V Australia! I present to you the at-long-last-here-it-is name of Virgin Blue’s new long-haul arm, which will fly from Australia to the USA, and will be launched late 2008, subject to regulatory approval.

The new name was the result of a “name the airline” competition launched by Virgin Blue in conjunction with a local radio station.

The competition’s deadline was 15 June 2007, and by 25 June Virgin had eight possibilities short-listed. The names were for the airline as well as for the aircraft, and the winning entry for the aircraft was Didgeree Blue – a clever play on words if ever I heard one.

Amusing names such as Choo Choo Flying Big Blue and Randy Roo Airlines unfortunately didn’t make it on to the list.

So between 25 June and 26 July, Virgin had to choose two of the eight names. (Honestly a week would have sufficed!)

Here’s their short-list: Matilda Blue; V Australia; Australia Blue; Virgin Pacific; Amelia Blue; Didgeree Blue; Liberty Blue; and Virgin Australia.

So there you go, the new airline will be called V Australia Airlines, rather good I think – brings a twist of modernity into the Virgin name while keeping to the point.

By Isabelle Male


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