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Fred Reid’s still smiling

The eternal question again presents itself: why is this man smiling? He’s losing his job in February, he has nowhere to go after that, and he got booted from his last job before this. Still, Fred Reid’s happiness today is both real and apparent as chats to “guests” on board the first flight out of […]

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Colors, colours, liveries and schemes

New airline liveries and ‘logo-jets’ speak volumes.

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Dinosaurs still roam the earth

British Airways and other network carriers accused of behaving like dinosaurs

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Blah blah blogs: Delta and the blandosphere

Delta’s new blog fails to excite, entertain, or even offend.

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Another story about dressing up

Lufthansa is celebrating the Oktoberfest beer festival by dressing up cabin crew in traditional Bavarian costumes

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easyJet copies Ryanair in anti-ADP publicity stunt

easyJet copies Ryanair’s anti-ADP publicity campaign

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Southwest sews a silk purse from slinky wear

Seeking to get good publicity out of a bad story, Southwest apologises to mini-skirted flyer after asking her to cover up.

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Bye bye to another big bird as 747-200 leaves Northwest

Northwest takes the last of its 747 ‘classics’ out of regular service

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Air France-KLM aims to be first in in-flight mobile phone use

Air France-KLM showcases new technology, aims to be first airline to allow passengers to use mobile phones in-flight.

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Travellers love Heathrow – honest

Traffic boomed at the BAA’s UK airports in August giving the beleaguered airport operator some positive news for a change

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