Another story about dressing up

Now it’s Lufthansa’s turn to get in on the dressing up angle, following hard on the heels of UK low-cost carrier easyJet yesterday.

This time Lufthansa is dressing some cabin crew in traditional Bavarian garb to celebrate a lot of beer drinking at the Oktoberfest. Damn fine excuse.

But will we ever see Lufthansa chief Wolfgang Mayrhuber donning fancy dress like easyJet’s Andrew Harrison? No thought not.

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  1. Jim 4 October, 2007 at 4:35 am #

    Its interesting you mentioned Easy Jet. I read an article out of Airliner magazine about the EcoJet aircraft that Easyjet was designing. Interesting concept around external turbine props. I placed a small excerpt from the article on …..

    Great site thanks …

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