Blah blah blogs: Delta and the blandosphere

Everyone’s got a blog. Including airlines. And they reflect something of the airline’s personality. For instance, IMG%255F9061%255F01%255Fhr%252Ejpg.jpg Southwest started a blog “Nuts About Southwest” a year ago and it has gained a following, much like the airline itself, for its wit, or at least attempts at wit. And at JetBlue, another carrier with a real following, founder Dave Neeleman started a sort of blog, or at least an on-line presence. Now Delta Air Lines has joined the blogosphere with an entry that comes out in the name of Lee Macenczak, the airline’s executive vice president for marketing and sales.

Some of the blog, which has the working title of Under the Wing, comes from employees, including the managing director of and of its self-service initiatives, Josh Weiss. Macenczak says that as the airline come out of bankruptcy protection, it received a lot of ideas on what it should do at, and thought this would be a way to keep the flow of ideas coming.
Well, one of the first rules of blogging may well be that no blogger speaks ill of other bloggers, but as an unorthodox blogger (we hope), we feel compelled to break that rule and say to Lee (a fine and hard-working fellow) and Josh (a clever man): SO WHAT? Much like Delta itself, this entry is big and shiny but so afraid to offend anyone, so timid to have something to say, that it ends up heading toward that undesirable category, the blandospehere. It’s like airline flight attendants: a Southwest flight attendant once told us to ‘stop being silly’ (she was right) while no Delta flight attendant has ever anything more pointed than “y’all take care, now, ya hear.” So here’s our suggestion for change at Delta: make a point! Say something! Offend someone!! We’re sure we can help out if you need assistance.

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  1. Brian Lusk 24 September, 2007 at 1:06 pm #

    I thought we did better than just attemtping to be witty on Nuts About Southwest! Well, we do try.

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