De-icer got their goat, so airline fights back

Everyone complains but no one does anything. Well, one airline maintenance department has finally found a solution: placate the gods. 701goat2.jpg Nepal Airlines found that the sacrificial goat – literally – was the answer to a problem with one of its Boeing 757s. The plane’s deicing system wouldn’t activate after hours of trouble-shooting and repeated repair attempts. So officials at Katmandu’s dominant carrier, also known as the lion of Tribhuvan International Airport, did what any logical person would do when logic doesn’t work: they reverted to the old ways. They found a pair of goats, one white and one black, and sacrificed them in front of the plane. Presto, problem solved. The plane took off for Hong Kong, no problems. Here in the States, where about one-third of all flights have been delayed in the past month and cancellations reached record high levels, airlines may want to consider this approach. Of course, the actual throat-cutting would have to be restricted to airline personnel, since things could get out of hand if the passengers went around sacrificing animals, cluttering the terminal and gates and creating more problems with carry-ons. And of course, Boeing might have to update its technical manuals to cover the proper type of sacrifice, but clever airline managers could find a way to resolve those pesky complaints about on-board snacks.

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