A fox on the seatback

Animals are the theme of Frontier Airlines, the Denver-based yourfile.jpg upstart that decorates its Airbuses with the lynx, the osprey, the wolf, the rabbit, and other wildlife. The airline now plans to put a fox inside the plane. And on every seatback. And not just any fox but Fox, the US television and cable network. Fox, itself something of an upstart, spent millions to win the rights to air the World Series of baseball, one of the most-watched sports events in the United States. But like every Fox, the network guards its own house jealously, and when Frontier wanted to show the World Series on its in-flight television service, which it buys through DirecTV, it was no easy deal. The parties colorado-rockies.jpghad to yak and jawbone and yak more, but Frontier had a real incentive to get the series on its planes, because Denver’s upstart ball team, the Colorado Rockies, is in the series. This is big news in the Mile High City, because very few of baseball’s newer teams have made it into the series. In Denver and at Denver’s Coors Field, where the Rockies play, people can’t wait for the series, which this year pits the Rockies against one of the sport’s oldest teams, the Boston Red Sox. But Frontier will be imposing its regular $5 charge to anyone who wants to see the games. By contrast, JetBlue, which has Live TV on board, is showing the series for free, as it does with most of its onboard TV programming. After all, JetBlue owns LiveTV. Which all goes to show that IFE is no easy game to play.

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