Never late, never on time

For those jaded by too many long flights comes word of a part of the world where air travel is still a thrill. 9216-unflyable-a300.jpg Or at least the thrill of being on an airplane is still a draw. A retired Indian Airlines engineer has found a ready business in selling tickets for a few minutes on an Airbus A300 that goes directly from nowhere to nowhere. The one-winged fuselage simply sits, but people in Delhi are lining up to buy tickets to sit in the plane for few minutes each weekend while the owner, Captain Bahudar Gupta, makes announcements about take off, landing etc, and his wife and five other crew members go up and own the aisle, serving snacks and drinks. If any of the ‘passengers’ has to use the facilities, that could be problem because the fuselage has no bathrooms. But local Indian media say that people line up to buy tickets on the plane to nowhere. Yes, but will they complain about being late? Will they like the view out the windows?


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  1. Siddy 23 October, 2007 at 10:41 am #

    Earn money, lots of money, that what counts, pal!

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