Pilots, pay and perquisites

The American Airlines pilots presented their most recent contract proposalsSuper-Bowl-XLI-logo-718448.gif to management with some interesting demands, I mean requests. The Allied Pilots Association, which represents some 12,000 pilots on American mainline flights, has been escalating its demands since summer, and their most recent contract demand included an estimated 53% raise and a few extras. One of them is that if an APA pilot is scheduled to fly on the Sunday of the big game, the Super Bowl of US football, that pilot gets double-time pay. The next Super Bowl, number 42, is set for Sunday, 3 February, 2008 in Phoenix.
Our friend Holly Hegeman of planebusiness.com says this reminds piano%2520Tuner%25206.jpgher of another big pilot contract demand, back in the year 2000, just before the world started going to hell. Back then, when Air Line Pilots Association members at UAL’s United Airlines were negotiating an industry-leading contract and trying to outdo everyone else, they had a few extras; one of them was that if a United pilot had to move because of a change in the way the airline bases people, the airline would pay to have that pilot’s piano re-tuned in the new house. Speaking of moving, the American pilots would have their esate-agent and closing costs paid by the airline.

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