Lynx to some wildlife links

Frontier Airlines finally won long-awaited approval to inaugurate its turboprop feeder unit, Lynx. The Lynx European%2520Lynx-0001.jpg unit has made its first Q400 flight between the airline’s Denver hub and Billings, Montana, and other routes from Denver to places like Rapid City (South Dakota) Sioux City (Iowa) and Tulsa (Oklahoma) and Wichita (Kansas) followed. Frontier had hoped to start the Lynx service last summer, but the FAA approval process took longer than expected. 5000-wolf-L.gif The Lynx Q400s include tails painted with small wildlife in a four-footed commitment to the animal theme of Frontier’s mainline Airbus fleet. We wondered if that lengthy delay would interfere with the carrier’s theme – young animal offspring – but Frontier evidently believes that when you’re a small animal, you’re forever young.The first plane on Lynxshorthair.gif had a lynx (a bobcat-type feline) named Luke (believed to be the son of Larry the Lynx and sibling to L.J. Larry Jr., both of whom grace Frontier A319s). Then there’s Wolfgang the Wolf and Mickey the Moose and Aspen the Mountain Lion. The one depiction of Mickey that we’ve seen has him with full-grown antlers, so either he sprung painfully full sized from his mother’s womb or he aged while waiting on the FAA. But we didn’t spot a pup out there, so here’s one just to point the way

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