‘Security blanket’ is more than a concept

Fearful flyers have so much more to be afraid of these days in the post 9/11 era. And it starts as soon as 491b.jpg they get near the airport, with those nice friendly signs saying ‘Welcome to (fill-in the name of your airport). The security level is (fill-in the blank).’ This level is a sign of how strict the airport security points will be that day. The Homeland Security people like to remind you of the security level with a five-step, colour-coded series of conditions ranging from low (‘keep your shoes on’) to severe (‘take your clothes off, please. Yes, everything.’). Well, now an artist named Chrissy Conant has found a way to help the fearful (and who amongst us isn’t truly fearful?) deal with their security stresses. The New York-based artist has a blanket with all of the levels and conditions, which she says is about “dealing with her ultimate fears and insecurities.” No word if you’re allowed to bring it on the plane as a carry-on. But considering what many people use as a 6_DHSblanket.jpgsecurity blanket – the family dog, a firearm, a trusted uncle – we hope so. In the interest of full or perhaps excessive disclosure, we point out that Slate, the very clever website that is now part of The Washington Post, had posted a jesting entry about a homeland security blanket. The entry did have the very helpful note that ‘in case of terrorist attack, security blanket will not protect you’.

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