Sir Richard’s mad for the Spice Girls

What better advert for Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class service than the Spice Girls disembarking from their Virgin Los Angeles flight at Heathrow looking like this!


All that in-flight pampering (remember Virgin offers a personal beauty therapist) can certainly pay off as Emma (with ankle strapping), Geri, Mel B and Mel C and Posh Spice can testify.

How much use they made of Virgin’s bar I can’t say, but us mere mortals tend to roll off a 10-hour red eye looking and feeling generally pretty grotty whether or not we’d imbibed with a Bloody Mary or two.For the Spicelets, I would suggest a little sidestep into the airport lounge at Heathrow for quick hairspray, make-up/touch-up and clothes change/decrease usually helps too.


And rather than bowl through Heathrow with dark glasses and a dismissive wave of the hand at the snappers, the Spice Girls cannily kicked off the UK leg of their world tour by combining their arrival with the opening of Sir Richard Branson’s new Terminal 3. Two birds (or should that be five birds) in the hand and all that.

According to the press blurb thousands of fans greeting the Fab Five as their spiced up Heathrow after flying in on a jumbo renamed, yes you got it – Spice One.

The big red button was pressed to reveal in a snowstorm of confetti the new Virgin terminal at terminal 3. Sir Richard got stuck straight in with the reason it has spent the money: “This futuristic terminal will outsmart T5 by providing our passengers with a seamless, faster and shorter journey through the airport – and goes to prove bigger is not always better!” Cop that BA.

The bigger is better comment is though a bit forgetful as we remember Virgin’s Airbus A340-600 plastered with the words – Bigger, faster etc – at Farnborough’s airshow a couple of years back.

Virgin says the new terminal will handle over 60,000 passengers every week and around three million passengers in the next year.

As for the Spice Girls, they have chosen Virgin Atlantic as the airline partner for the “Return of the Spice Girls” world tour. The deal sees Virgin providing the flights for the Girls and their team.

The Spice Girls website shows more of their arrival in the UK and some video footage.

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