Connecting on bended knee

Most traveller surveys gauge things like how big the seat is. So we were a bit befuddled when a survey popped up naming delay-plagued Philadelphia as a great spot for airport_seat_seats.jpg connecting, and also said that Dulles, the international airport near Washington, was a great spot for connecting even though it was designed as an O&D airport and even the hubbing carrier there, United, advises extra time for connections. Then we read closely (the way bloggers are supposed to) and surprise we found that the survey was about ‘making connections’ in the boy/girl (or other combination) sense. The survey came from a company called AXE, which makes a cologne and body spray for men that tries to identify itself with the stubbly, slightly grungy, nearly criminal look that some younger males believe represents their feral best. AXE said Philly, Delay Central’s Newark and some other frankly gosh-awful airports were great places for young men and young women to connect. Airport_chapel_sign_outside_of_chapel.jpg Philly was great because “thanks to some of the nation’s longest and most frequent flight delays, getting stuck in the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ gives you a chance to hang your hat in one of 16 bars and seven lounges…” AXE also likes the airport in Columbus, Ohio, where “the college set can ease the stress of holiday travelling in the airport’s mediation room”. These connections, we must presume, are not to discuss Nietzsche or the late Beethoven string quartets, are they?

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