Watch this space – on Delta’s blog

Okay, we was wrong. We said a few weeks back that Delta’s new blog, Under the Wing, was less than thrilling, but the folks down in Atlanta have come up with something that’s not only cute, deltakids.JPG but is in effect really darling. The Delts have produced a series of videos called planeguage with a sort of Second Life style that use semi-cartoon, semi-drawing characters to give viewers some sense of what basic standards of courtesy are needed for flyers. You woulda thought that by now people would know, but Wing-readers (are they called Winglets? Underlings?) raise such issues as the seat-recline wars – what’s etiquette for breaking someone’s knees? Or overhead wars: should people stand in the aisle and block everyone else while trying to get their carry-on into the overhead bin, or should they put it over row 6 when they’re actually seated in row 27?A big debate is now raging on who gets the armrests — the guy in the middle seat or the neighbours. A new string, ‘Kidastrophe’, addresses how zookeepers should control their smaller animals. (However, as Uncle Dave to many a small person, we always welcome visitors like the two tyros here). The only problem is that it’s voluntary viewing. Is there a way to force the aisle-blockers to watch these? The airline says it will be showing Planeguage as an in-flight video. Will there be a quiz afterward?

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