Fill in this blank

Fill the blank: you’ve seen the phrase, “it’s so simple, a ______ can do it.” Well, apologies to any primates monkeykci.JPG out there who may be offended by this, but the Kansas City airport has enlisted a monkey to make the point that it’s easy to get through the airport with its self-service features. The airport has developed a one-minute advertisement featuring a chimp named Kenzie who peruses the airport’s website, drives his yellow Mini (license plate: Banana I) and parks at the airport (in the Yellow Lot), takes the shuttle bus to the terminal, and then walks to the gate and checks in for his flight. The ad blithely passes over Kenzie’s experiences at the Transportation Security Administration checkpoint, where, we hear, the screeners demand that he put on shoes so that he can take them off for scanning. We urge you not to fill in the blank with entries such “airline consultant,” “aviation journalist,” or the like. That wouldn’t be fair to Kenzie.

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