Shouting back from the rooftops

No one likes aircraft noise, especially when it’s a new gift 33814.jpg from the authorities who decide to reroute flights departing or arriving at a nearby airport. That’s happening all up and down the US East Coast, as the FAA moves to redesign the airspace there. And it’s already happened at Philadelphia, where a rerouting took effect in December. Lots of folks in the City of Brotherly Love opposed the plan, but couldn’t stop it. Now they’re protesting. One area resident, instead of letter-writing or suit-filing, has taken direct action, painting the roof of his house with a suggestion to the FAA that kung_fu_logo.jpg is very different in spirit to the one just to the left. Instead, the two-word phrase has the letters ‘F’ and ‘U’. And the phrase is NOT ‘Football Union’. The city’s Daily News says that this chap in suburban south suburban Ridley Township posted his inhospitable and anatomically unlikely suggestion in seven-foot-tall letters on his roof, hoping that pilots might see it and pass on the suggestion to the FAA. The FAA declined comment, reports the paper.
He’s under one of the blue squiqqles to the left: image002.jpg

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