Who’s sorrier now?

The spitting match between United and its pilots continues as the Chicago-based airline continued to cancel significant numbers of flights because of significantly bad weather at its Chicago and Denver hubs. Tribune%2520Final%2520Ad%2520Dec%252030%25202007-tm.jpg The pilots say it’s not weather but understaffing and poor planning by a management team that is more concerned with self-enrichment than running the airline. United says it’s the weather, the worst it’s had in its history. The newspaper in Chicago is in small way a beneficiary of this, as the pilots have run an open apology to the public for the airline’s performance. And the airline has apologised to its frequent flyers and others. The newspaper, the Tribune, does quote a flightstats.com official as saying, “United’s cancellation rate during the holidays was off the charts compared to its rivals who serve the same general markets.” diasnow.122106.pngThe “apologies” (‘we’re sorry that our bosses are no-goodniks’) come as a new slate of officers takes over at the United chapter of the Air Line Pilots Association. The new leaders have vowed aggressive efforts to win back the pay and benefit that were ‘stolen’ from them during United’s bankruptcy. Their anger is real and palpable and can be felt even in these videos.

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