Iron Maiden rock on with world’s first Boeing 757 combi

What have heavy rock group Iron Maiden and UK charter carrier Astraeus got in common?

Aerosexuals among you will know the answer straight away – Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson is a pilot for the airline, flying its Boeing 757s.


Only natural therefore that Bruce should pilot one of the airline’s 757s on Maiden’s world tour which started rocking in Mumbai, India on 1 Feb. And by all accounts the “veteran” rockers worked up a storm.

Now for the aviation link – independent UK-based airline Astraeus has created the world’s only Boeing 757 Combi to cart the band and all their kit on their global trip.


This world exclusive 757 Combi will ship the band’s 12 tonnes of equipment as well as the band and entourage in 20 business class and 54 premium economy seats.

The aircraft has been painted up in “Iron Maiden – Somewhere back in time World Tour 2008″ livery, and also undergone a certificated interior modification. The cargo area is where the last 10 rows of seats would have been in the rear compartment of the aircraft.

“There has always been an issue with flying passengers and cargo in the same part of an aircraft, however, we worked closely with Bruce and Iron Maiden, and we have created the world’s first and only Boeing 757 ‘Combi’,” said Shaun Monnery of Astraeus.

Here’s Bruce at the controls of the 757.


“This cuts days off the turnaround time between concerts on this tour, because the band, crew and essential equipment can all travel together meaning a two day road or sea trip can be despatched in hours or even minutes,” says Shaun.

The tour visits India, the Far East, Australasia, the Americas and Europe in February and March 2008.

“But the conversion is not something that’s going to be Iron Maiden-only. It is designed such that we can convert the aircraft one way or the other from Combi to 100% passenger aircraft in three days,” notes Shaun.


As if this isn’t exciting enough, hard core Maiden fans can fly to gigs in the safe knowledge that Bruce is at the controls.

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5 Responses to Iron Maiden rock on with world’s first Boeing 757 combi

  1. Unternehmensberatung 5 February, 2008 at 2:50 pm #

    There is always a solution if you really want one. I remember times when a big uk based european airline argumented that its technically not possible to convert a 757 into a combi jet.
    You see : it IS possible.

  2. C. Procyk 6 February, 2008 at 10:13 pm #

    To state that this is the FIRST 757-Combi is not true in the slightest sense. A 757-200M was offered in the late 1980s and to my knowledge at least one was built and entered airline service. To my knowledge as well, it has since been rendered inactive or scrapped. Regardless, the idea of the Combi system is very attractive, it’s too bad the FAA has cracked down on their developement and use.

  3. Mark Pilling 6 February, 2008 at 10:43 pm #

    Dear CP,

    I suspect you are right that a Boeing 757 Combi has been done before – my colleague here at Flight/Airline Business HQ ax Kingsley-Jones mentioned to me he recalled such a beast.
    A quick search says Boeing built just one – where is it now does anyone know?

  4. Ken Quek 7 February, 2008 at 2:13 am #

    Unfortunately this is not the world’s first 757 combi, Boeing built one for Royal Nepal Airlines in the late 80s.

  5. EddietheRottingCorpse 3 February, 2010 at 10:50 pm #

    Been in the commercial buisness for 20 years with Usairways. Raised on Aviation as my Dad was in the industry.

    The 757 Combi is cool but I don’t really care because…


    The 75 is one of my favorite A/C and Maiden is my favorite group. Couldn’t be any cooler than that.

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