Kissing world record

kissingEN.gifIn an event that defines the term “publicity stunt”, SkyEurope will be attempting to set a world record for kissing 10km above the ground on Valentines Day.
Passengers flying on 14 February are invited to kiss their partner in exchange for a certificate and a free air ticket. Not bad going.
SkyEurope does add the proviso that kissing records will be allowed on “all the flights on which the safety procedures and sector length will allow”. Good to hear that safety regulations won’t be broached for the smooch-off.
“Nobody has ever attempted to create a world record in kissing in the skies in European airspace,” says Steven Greenway, chief commercial officer of SkyEurope. “We will be the first, and for this year I want to say also world champions in this discipline,” he says rather confidently. The World Record attempt follows SkyEurope’s previous scary-sounding on-board speeddating event.
The sad footnote to all this is that, feeling romantic I clicked on “Book your record breaking flight for 2 for 1 SPECIAL PROMO fare here” link. Unfortunately, all I got was an error message. Looks like they’ll have two fewer for their world record attempt.

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  1. Juraj 13 February, 2008 at 2:25 pm #

    I’ve also clicked there and will be flying Bratislava – London with another three friends for about 225EUR return…that two tickets were really for free… try another web browser…

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