Ryanair asks for some slack: You’ve gotta be joking!

Ryanair’s planned three-day shutdown of its entire reservations system over this weekend turned into just two days, the carrier says.

As we commented in our March issue, it had incredibly taken the decision to close itself for bookings while it transferred from its Navitaire Open Skies res system to the all-singing all-dancing New Skies one.

Most remarkable of all is Ryanair’s plea for customers: “We expect to be dealing with some small bedding down issues over the next few days and we would ask passengers to please bear with us as we iron them out.”


Hang on, you want customers to cut you some slack. That’s rich coming from the airline that is as black and white about customer service as it gets. Ryanair’s website should give it the chance to display its equally remarkable talent of extracting the maximum amount of cash possible from its punters.

Ryanair says the list of enhancements being made is as follows;

* The additional processing power of the new system improves the website speed for customers, especially during peak booking periods.
* The Flight Change facility is now available up to 4 hours prior to departure at discounted rates.
* The online check-in period has been extended to 5 days before travel and customers can now check-in for both outbound and return flights at the same time.
* The Online Check-in system has been simplified and is now available in 8 languages.
* Priority Boarding, items of checked baggage, musical instrument and sports, equipment can be purchased online up to 4 hours prior to flight departure at discounted rates.
* Finding our lowest fares will now be easier with the Flexible Search function.
* Fares will display inclusive of taxes not just on the home page as is currently the case, but on the flight select page too.
* We have added a Manage My Booking section where customers can retrieve, review, change and add additional services to their booking at discounted rates.
* Improved website accessibility for vision impaired customers.

And finally, after no doubt fuming at having to close the shop for 3 days, the airline’s management will be somewhat less cross that the new site “arrived under budget and ahead of schedule”.

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