Ryanair eats humble pie

At last: a blog on Ryanair that doesn’t involve scantily clad swimsuit models or a cheap publicity stunt, or indeed both.
Ryanair has been feeling the heat as it scrambles to upgrade its New Skies reservations system. The airline that makes an astounding 99% of its bookings online had to shut down its reservations system between 22:00 on 22 February and 23:00 on 25 February to make the changeover.
Yesterday Ryanair released a statement apologising “to any passengers who have suffered inconvenience in attempting to access Ryanair.com over the last 24 hours”.
And despite “significant progress” with the cut over, Ryanair expects “further bedding down problems over the next day or two”.
RyanAirW450.jpgMeanwhile, the Association of British Travel Agents sunk the boot in, claiming Ryanair was intentionally failing to show fully inclusive pricing on its website and blaming a lack of technology. Says ABTA’s head of legal services Simon Bunce: “Clearly, despite working on their website all weekend, they still don’t have the technology. Either that or they just don’t care about how they deal with their customers.”
Ryanair asked for patience as they complete “the largest ever software changeover undertaken by any airline, anywhere in the world”.
It adds that the upgraded reservation system has “more room for additional extras”.

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