Baggage delays dampen T5 opening

Poor British Airways – it would have been hoping that the long-awaited opening of its spangly new Terminal 5 at London Heathrow today would have generated headlines lauding its spaciousness and super-efficient baggage system.

But, alas, a quick Google news search of Terminal 5 brings up headlines such as “Baggage hitch mars opening of new terminal“, “Delays, protests as Heathrow’s T5 opens” and “Heathrow Terminal 5 opens amid baggage delays“.

It appears that the baggage system boasting of its ability to process 12,000 bags an hour has left passengers waiting for two hours to collect their luggage. These frustrated passengers would be forgiven for thinking that some things never change!

Hopefully for BA this is just a slight teething problem that will quickly be resolved. The new terminal is a big deal for the carrier, as outlined in our recent cover interview with chief executive Willie Walsh, which took place at T5. The new terminal was supposed to put an end to the baggage delay headlines – I’d say the engineers charged with putting right whatever went wrong today will be working under just the slightest amount of pressure!

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